chocolate things

chocolate things | the thoughtful platePosting this recipe for Chocolate Things was not part of my plan. I made them on a whim last Friday for my family and myself, because some days I just need something bread-y and I need to make something from the Cheese Board’s book. Thus, that afternoon was spent kneading doughs and shaping said doughs into knots and rolls.

They came out of the oven while there was still just enough light outside to snap a few photos, so I did. Not great photos, and definitely not photos intended for the blog, but photos for documentation nonetheless.

The next day, while at the art museum, my beloved camera lens sustained a small fall and separated into two pieces. It was tragic. I probably shed a tear or two. I don’t know if anyone was watching or not, and I don’t care. The lens that I use almost everyday and can’t blog without died. Continue reading


blueberry tart

IMG_3746This tart is so fun to make, and the process is fairly simple and straightforward too. Bake the slightly crumbly tart shell, make a smooth vanilla pastry cream, and cook fresh blueberries down until they become a gorgeous compote.  Once each element has cooled, just layer and serve!  It’s a great use for any blueberries you have that may be a little too soft to enjoy plain, like I had.  Three simple components that come together to create a beautiful and satisfying summer dessert.

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