fresh pasta + a quick tomato sauce

fresh pasta + a quick tomato sauce | the thoughtful plateThe first time I ever made fresh pasta, several years ago now, was a disaster. It began with a wooden rolling pin and ended in noodles that were way too thick, clung to each other while cooking, and never un-clung. I had read somewhere that making pasta with a rolling pin was possible, and I’m sure it is, but it did not work for me that time. Continue reading


shrimp and grits

shrimp & grits | the thoughtful plate One of my favorite stories to hear my dad or my grammy tell, usually after dinner when we’re all gathered around the table, is about the way my grandad approached cooking. Continue reading

pizza margherita

IMG_2180Pizza Margherita is a simple classic that truly shines when made with quality ingredients… good tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil.  Homemade pizza dough is very simple to make, and definitely worth a little extra effort!  One thing I love about this recipe (which is my go-to pizza dough recipe for any pizza) is that it only requires two minutes of kneading :)>
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crespelle with ricotta and marinara


A few months ago, I found a few old Food & Wine magazines at the library for fifty cents each.  Of course I purchased them, even though they were from 2008.  This recipe is one of the first that stood out to me as I browsed.  For quick dinners, I love simple recipes with only a few components.  Especially those that can be made ahead!  These crespelle fit both criteria.  I served this dish with a basic green salad, and the meal was light, but satisfying.  I think that sautéed mushrooms or chicken (or both!) could be added easily to the crespelle to add a bit more substance if you prefer.

Recipe adapted from Food & Wine

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