cookies with dark chocolate, pecans, and coconut

cookies with dark chocolate, pecans, and coconut | the thoughtful plateWhen an entire day passes in which you feel as though you’re living in a giant grey lightbox, cookies are a good idea. Continue reading


strawberry almond lemon thumbprint cookies

strawberry almond lemon thumbprint cookies | the thoughtful plateThese cookies were baked 11 days ago, on the same day that I photographed crêpes. The edited photos have just been sitting pretty in Lightroom for 9 days, while I try to overcome a case of writers’ block. Since I actually don’t consider myself a writer in the person-who-lives-to-put-words-to-paper sense, I’m not sure I can even claim that particular condition. Continue reading

chocolate almond coconut chewies

IMG_6683There’s this cookie in the baked goods case at Whole Foods that I kind of have a thing for. It’s very similar to this cookie I’m sharing with you today, but no frills. Just plain chocolate, topped with walnuts. I think it’s the only thing in the case that’s gluten free, but I’m not complaining because I’d buy it anyways, even if I had a choice.

The “Cocoa Chewy” at Whole Foods is very chocolatey, very chewy (you’d hope so, right, since it’s called that), and almost brownie-like in texture. Kind of a brownie/cookie hybrid. An obvious choice! Continue reading

cookies on spoonful

screenMy chocolate cookies were included in a recipe roundup on Spoonful today where Janssen put together a list of twenty gluten free cookie recipes. I already have my eye on those chewy ginger molasses cookies!

cookies and cream ice cream

IMG_24111There are few things in the world that I love more than homemade ice cream. Growing up it was often eaten poolside during the summer, at Grandma’s house, out of a styrofoam bowl with a plastic spoon. If I recall correctly, we usually made one batch of vanilla and one of banana. I mostly remember the banana. My four cousins, brother, and I would line up and be served “scoops” of ice cream right out of the stainless steel canister. I put scoops in parentheses because ice cream in that state doesn’t have a very solid form. We ate it fresh, and most likely none of it ever saw the freezer. Continue reading

gluten free chocolate cookies

chocolate-cookies-01As I plodded through my “Foundations of Education” textbook this afternoon, reading about the Sophists and Socrates and Plato and Aristotle and all of their different approaches to education, my mind wandered. I was 30 minutes away from being done for the day, but my mind was obviously ready to get a head start on the weekend.

First it (my mind) wandered to chocolate. (Obviously.) From there it wandered to ice cream. (Nothing new here.) Following a highly logical pattern, it wandered to chocolate cookies in vanilla ice cream. Cookies and cream! Continue reading

ultrathin chocolate chip cookies

IMG_0633Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Now that’s a random holiday I can get behind.

Truthfully though, until 5 minutes ago I had no idea that today is Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. But because I am a major multi-tasker, I was checking Facebook in one window while my WordPress dashboard was opening in another, and was notified of this wonderful holiday via Sunset Magazine. What a coincidence, right? Continue reading

chocolate raspberry rugelach

photo 2

I had this lovely cookbook on my wishlist for Christmas, and as you can see, I received it. My brother chose it himself off my list after deeming the others too healthy ;) I was extremely eager to start cooking my way through it and as you can see by the amount of post-its, I’ll be busy for quite a while!

photo 3

This particular recipe caught my eye when I first read through the book because it had two words in the title that I always love to see together: chocolate and raspberry. You know this has to be good!!

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vanilla bean snickerdoodles

vanilla bean snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles always make me think of my grammy and grandad. When I was little they lived in the house right down the street from me and my family and it seems like every time my brother and I spent the night there, Grammy made snickerdoodles for dessert. (That is by no means a complaint, and it’s quite likely that we enjoyed other yummy desserts there, but I remember the snickerdoodles in particular.)

We would have dinner on the deck, and then Grandad would give me and my brother “horseback” rides on his back around the house while Grammy baked the cookies. I always loved them and thought they were so unique with their slightly crackly tops, super-soft center, and cinnamon sugar coating. They were definitely not like chocolate chip cookies, but then they weren’t totally like sugar cookies either.

The recipe I have for you today isn’t the one my grammy used. It’s the new, updated, vanilla bean version, slightly adapted from the Joy the Baker Cookbook. Her simple addition of vanilla bean seeds is so good!! If your vanilla beans are on the thin side, don’t be afraid to use more seeds… I’d say even 1 small vanilla bean wouldn’t be too much. I also used a little bit less sugar, and a little bit more cinnamon :) Enjoy!!

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