single lady molten chocolate cake

IMG_6980As a long-time reader of Joy the Baker, I marched myself into Barnes & Noble and left with her cookbook the week it was released. I waited to even open it until I got home later that afternoon; I wanted to devote my full attention to a read-through, and locate some post-it notes :)

The first recipe I tried from the book was for browned butter chocolate chip cookies. Those quickly became our favorite. I also made the chocolate malted bread pudding… SO good. Oh my word. Continue reading


chocolate almond coconut chewies

IMG_6683There’s this cookie in the baked goods case at Whole Foods that I kind of have a thing for. It’s very similar to this cookie I’m sharing with you today, but no frills. Just plain chocolate, topped with walnuts. I think it’s the only thing in the case that’s gluten free, but I’m not complaining because I’d buy it anyways, even if I had a choice.

The “Cocoa Chewy” at Whole Foods is very chocolatey, very chewy (you’d hope so, right, since it’s called that), and almost brownie-like in texture. Kind of a brownie/cookie hybrid. An obvious choice! Continue reading