coconut flour macaroon brownies {gf}

coconut flour macaroon brownies | the thoughtful plateBrownies are my favorite. I’ve already shared a couple of brownie recipes here in the past, but there’s always room for one more, right? Continue reading


flourless brownies

 I’ve been slowly realizing that I probably should have included chocolate in my blog name so maybe I wouldn’t feel guilty about sharing so many chocolate recipes all the time. If I’d been thinking ahead back then, I would have. I know myself, and myself craves chocolate. All. the. time. Continue reading


photo-117 copyBrownies have always been my favorite dessert (for as long as I can remember, at least). When I was younger, I could basically pass on anything sweet unless the thing happened to be a brownie.

photo-116 copy 3It had to be a specific brownie though. Preferably nut-free, and absolutely, positively frosting-free. I love walnuts, so I can enjoy them in brownies. But the moment frosting is smeared over a pan of brownies, the brownies basically become a sheet cake. Tragic. Continue reading

salted caramel brownies

salted-caramel-brownies Honestly, I didn’t plan on posting these brownies. I made them this afternoon for our dessert tonight and snapped a quick picture just before digging in, because I generally take pictures of pretty much everything I eat. It’s one of the great things about owning an iPhone with a decent camera.

The reason I didn’t plan on sharing is that I assumed that there probably isn’t one living person remotely interested in food who hasn’t heard of Smitten Kitchen/doesn’t read Smitten Kitchen/hasn’t already seen these brownies a hundred times on Pinterest.

BUT. On the outside chance that you happen to be that person, I realized that I must inform you. Because these brownies are wonderfully chewy, dense, gooey, and chocolatey. Sweet and rich with the perfect balance of salt.

And the caramel! Such a lovely twist on a classic brownie. You make your own salted caramel squares (which really doesn’t take more than 15 minutes) and then fold them into the brownie batter so they melt into little pockets of soft and chewy caramel goodness.

I hope I’ve convinced you to head on over and check these delicious things out!


P.S. I apologize for the sparse posting as of late- I started college last week, and needless to say, life’s been a bit crazy! I am truly working on finding a balance between life/school/blog, and I hope very soon to establish a regular posting schedule that I can keep up with :)