basil italian soda

basil italian soda | the thoughtful plateIt’s finally that time of year where I want to drink cold, bright, fizzy drinks in the afternoon (preferably outside, in the sun) instead of hot chocolate or coffee. Rejoice! :)

Watermelon lemonade will always be a favorite. Also cherry limeade. Iced coffee is great too, even if it isn’t fizzy. I’m looking forward to exploring even more fun flavors this spring/summer. Continue reading


cherry limeade

cherry limeade | the thoughtful plateThe afternoon mood just naturally lends itself to sipping on something. In the winter, hot chocolate, cinnamon coffee, or hot tea do nicely. In the warmer months however, it needs to be something bright to (hopefully) match the sky. Continue reading

new york egg creams

IMG_7104My friend, Ruth, and I have a standing date every Tuesday afternoon at Starbucks. A couple of weeks ago we decided to switch it up and do music (guitar/piano/violin) at her house every other week.

We could’ve just brewed coffee (because you have to drink something when you’re with a friend, right?), but yesterday we made New York Egg Creams. Neither of us had never tried one before, and that made it all the more fun. Who knows if we made it the true Brooklyn way (we probably didn’t)… there are so many differing opinions out there, but we thought they were really good! Continue reading