merry christmas | gluten free waffles

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 presetBefore we get into a recipe, I just want to wish each of you a merry Christmas. I hope you have a lovely holiday with your families and friends!

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“we were berry picking!”


I went blueberry picking today and, between my mom, my brother, and I, arrived home with over 5 beautiful pounds of fresh organic blueberries.

All the way home I tried to decide in what form I would like to eat blueberries tonight. Eating them straight out of a bowl would give me pleasure, but I knew my family would enjoy muffins, so that’s what I made :)

I’m posting about it because I updated this blueberry muffin post from January. I gave it a new picture, and I also solved the problem of the purple tops! Yay!

So if you’re looking for a yummy use for an abundance of berries you might want to head over to the original post.

P.S. In case you were curious, the title of this post is indeed from The Sound of Music… I like that scene :)

meyer lemon curd crêpes with fresh blackberries


I practically grew up on Meyer lemons. We had a Meyer lemon tree right in our front yard. Every year it produced enough to fill countless paper grocery bags to overflowing, which meant that we could even make our lemonade with them. There is nothing else like it in the world.

We would inevitably end up with a surplus of lemons, and I can remember several Saturday afternoons over the years that were spent juicing in the kitchen- whole lemons and lemon halves everywhere, every pitcher we had filled to the brim with that glorious juice.

All those years, all that juice, and I never once made lemon curd. That might be because I don’t associate the word “curd” with lovely things like cheese. Instead, it generally makes me think of things like spoiled milk. Not anymore though. Now I’ll associate it with a silky, tangy-sweet spread that tastes like my childhood.

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