{gf} denotes recipes that are naturally gluten free, or recipes that i’ve successfully made with a gluten free flour blend. my favorite all-purpose blend to date is one from minimalist baker found in this post.


la morenita cabbage dip {gf}


basil italian soda {gf}
cherry limeade {gf}
chocolate almond milkshakes (with almond milk :)) {gf}
cinnamon coffee {gf}
hot chocolate for snowy days {gf}
hot chocolate with salted caramel {gf}
new york egg creams {gf}
a simple smoothie {gf}
sparkling strawberry-lime agua fresca {gf}
watermelon lemonade {gf}
quick iced coffee + raw sugar simple syrup {gf}


brownies {gf}
chocolate banana nut muffins {gf}
chocolate things
flourless brownies {gf}
fudgy brownie with macadamia nuts and ganache {gf}
pretzel cinnamon rolls
ricotta crêpes with bananas + chocolate + almond butter {gf}
salted caramel chocolate flan {gf}
winter squash butter crêpes {gf}

Cookies + Bars

brown butter chocolate chip cookies {gf}
buckwheat & sea salt cookie sundaes {gf}
cherry pie bars {gf}
gluten free chocolate cookies {gf}
chocolate almond coconut chewies {gf}
cookies with dark chocolate, pecans, and coconut
cream scones (also with chocolate)
hazelnut butter meringues {gf}
pumpkin cookies {gf}
strawberry almond lemon thumbprint cookies
ultra-thin chocolate chip cookies {gf}
vanilla bean snickerdoodles {gf}
whole lemon bars {gf}


almond butter ice cream with salted caramel chocolate swirl {gf}
banana ice cream {gf}
brown butter ice cream {gf}
cocoa coffee crumbs, for ice cream {gf}
coffee toffee ice cream {gf}
cookies and cream ice cream {gf}
chocolate almond milkshakes (with almond milk :)) {gf}
chocolate frozen yogurt with caramelized bananas {gf}
hazelnut butter ice cream with cacao nibs {gf}

Pies + Tarts + Crisps

apple-cranberry pie
baked nectarines with gluten free crisp {gf}
bourbon pecan pie {gf}
bakewell tart {gf}
blueberry tart {gf}
salted caramel apple tart


blueberry coffee cake
mini chocolate olive oil layer cake {gf}
raspberry ricotta cake
red wine cake with whipped mascarpone
single lady molten chocolate cake {gf}

Main Courses

broccoli cream pesto pasta {gf}
chicken marsala
chicken rollatini
crespelle with ricotta and marinara
the best egg salad sandwich
fresh pasta
grilled huli-huli style chicken {gf}
lemon chicken {gf}
pizza crust {gf}
pizza margherita
pizza with homemade ricotta cheese
roasted garlic soup with roasted rosemary potatoes {gf}
shrimp and grits with fresh corn {gf}
stacked enchiladas


coconut rice {gf}
roasted delicata squash {gf}


banana bread {gf}
brioche burger buns
chocolate things
flaky bread
french baguettes
grape focaccia with rosemary and sea salt
homemade croutons
no-knead bread
pretzel cinnamon rolls


carrot-coconut soup {gf}
roasted butternut squash soup {gf}


brussels sprouts salad {gf}
butter lettuce salad {gf}
salad with apples and almonds {gf}

Snacks + Miscellaneous Sweets

almond butter truffles {gf}
almond toffee {gf}
bread with olive oil and chocolate
browned butter granola {gf}
chocolate things
kale chips with garlic olive oil {gf}
olive oil granola {gf}
roasted squash seeds {gf}


salsa verde {gf}
quick tomato sauce


the best blueberry muffins {gf}
cream scones
mushroom & green bean omelet {gf}
pancakes for half a person {gf}
peach pancakes {gf}
pretzel cinnamon rolls
pumpkin waffles {gf}
ricotta crêpes with bananas + chocolate + almond butter
waffles {gf}


baked buttermilk donuts {gf}
simple donuts with salted caramel chocolate glaze {gf}


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