roasted garlic soup with roasted rosemary potatoes

One night in January I needed to make dinner. My dad was out of town. My mom was sick. [It was really cold too, but remember we’re not really talking about bad weather if we can help it.] Soup sounded good, but I wanted to make one that we’d never tried before.

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carrot-coconut soup

photo-146As much as I love blogs, Pinterest, and other Internet-based forms of inspiration, there’s still nothing quite like the printed magazine (except books… I adore books too). It’s something you can hold in your lap while manually turning its pages. Something a whole team of creative people work to compile month by month. Continue reading

roasted butternut squash soup

IMG_2183My family might have thought that the world was ending today. Because I cooked bacon. No one asked me to, I just did it. For a little bit of background, I don’t eat bacon. Like, ever. I have no desire to eat bacon. I used to eat bacon, but I don’t anymore, and I don’t miss it in the least. You can roll your eyes and call me crazy… I’m okay with that (I have to be okay with it, since that’s practically what my family does every time bacon makes an appearance at the breakfast table).

It’s not that I feel sorry for pigs. And I’m not a vegetarian or a pescetarian. Bacon is just one of those things that isn’t very healthy, and I don’t feel a need to eat it, so I don’t.

I made an exception today though for this lovely soup. It’s pureed, so I think the bacon is an important textural element. The combination of flavors is a beautiful one too. Sweet soup, with a little kick from cayenne pepper, pungent gorgonzola cheese, and smoky bacon. It’s the perfect lunch to warm you up on a cold, cloudy day.

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