fresh pasta + a quick tomato sauce

fresh pasta + a quick tomato sauce | the thoughtful plateThe first time I ever made fresh pasta, several years ago now, was a disaster. It began with a wooden rolling pin and ended in noodles that were way too thick, clung to each other while cooking, and never un-clung. I had read somewhere that making pasta with a rolling pin was possible, and I’m sure it is, but it did not work for me that time. Continue reading


shrimp and grits

shrimp & grits | the thoughtful plate One of my favorite stories to hear my dad or my grammy tell, usually after dinner when we’re all gathered around the table, is about the way my grandad approached cooking. Continue reading

broccoli cream pesto pasta

broccoli cream pesto pasta | the thoughtful plateSaturday was another rare dinner for one night. My family went to a rodeo, but I decided I’d rather stay in and make this pasta. I’d been itching for a chance to photograph it, and the opportunity presented itself.

In the kitchen, I opened up Pandora on my phone and turned on one of my jazz stations. (This is always a given when I’m cooking alone.) Lovely sounds floated off the top of the refrigerator while I boiled pasta and sautéed onions and garlic and broccoli. Oh, the smell. Continue reading

the best ever gluten free pizza crust.

gluten free pizza crust Am I ever excited about this recipe! I’ve made a lot of pizza crusts since going gluten free, and nothing has been quite right. Sure, everything served the purpose of transporting cheese, sauce, and a few toppings into my mouth, but pizza is more than toppings. Continue reading

roasted garlic soup with roasted rosemary potatoes

One night in January I needed to make dinner. My dad was out of town. My mom was sick. [It was really cold too, but remember we’re not really talking about bad weather if we can help it.] Soup sounded good, but I wanted to make one that we’d never tried before.

Cue blog-archive-scouring. Similar recipes seemed to catch my eye on all of the blogs I summoned, and they all involved lots of garlic. Lots of garlic. No arguing there, right? Continue reading

grilled huli-huli style chicken with coconut rice

IMG_01941My food goal for this year is to make more dinners. We eat dinner at home 90% of the time, but we have this tendency to get in ruts really fast and stay in them for a really long time. (Did someone mention tacos?)

There’s certainly nothing wrong with having favorites, but I’d like to get much more adventurous. Not weird adventurous, just different adventurous. Adventurous as in, this tastes new. Continue reading

a sandwich + an interview

interview I’ve been keeping a secret for a few months now, and I’m so excited to finally be able to let it out today! Continue reading

carrot-coconut soup

photo-146As much as I love blogs, Pinterest, and other Internet-based forms of inspiration, there’s still nothing quite like the printed magazine (except books… I adore books too). It’s something you can hold in your lap while manually turning its pages. Something a whole team of creative people work to compile month by month. Continue reading

dinner for one

photo-140It’s not often that I’m alone for meals, especially dinner. I like it that way (magazines can be very dull dinner company) but occasionally it is fun to be able to cook something nice just for yourself. I find cooking on a small scale to be quite relaxing. You’re only dealing with a little amount of food and there’s no one rushing you, so the timing can be leisurely.

Tonight was one of those rare nights where I needed to make dinner for myself, and after much deliberation, this simple but flavorful spread is what I knew I wanted to eat. Continue reading

chicken rollatini


Our family eats a lot of chicken. We’ve always eaten a lot of chicken. Sometimes grilled chicken can get kind of boring though, no matter how many different ways you season or marinade it, and that’s where this dish steps in. It’s a quick way to elevate plain chicken breasts into something special enough to serve to company, and easy enough that you’ll want to. Continue reading