raspberry ricotta cake

raspberry ricotta cake | the thoughtful plateHappy second-day-of-March! We’re starting this month with cake. A beautiful, fruit-studded, everyday cake. Continue reading


21 + red wine chocolate cake with whipped mascarpone

IMG_9725Today is the first day of a new calendar year, and also the first day of my 21st year on this earth. I have never posted about my birthday in the past couple years of blogging, but 21 is kind of a big deal, I suppose, so I figured I should start now. Continue reading

cake on a tuesday night just because.

 This afternoon I decided that cake sounded like a nice thing to eat. If you know me, you know that I always feel like eating brownies or ice cream; I rarely feel like eating cake. But since it’s a Tuesday, and I do love frosting cakes, I figured it might be a good idea to go with this sudden craving. Continue reading

single lady molten chocolate cake

IMG_6980As a long-time reader of Joy the Baker, I marched myself into Barnes & Noble and left with her cookbook the week it was released. I waited to even open it until I got home later that afternoon; I wanted to devote my full attention to a read-through, and locate some post-it notes :)

The first recipe I tried from the book was for browned butter chocolate chip cookies. Those quickly became our favorite. I also made the chocolate malted bread pudding… SO good. Oh my word. Continue reading

blueberry coffee cake

IMG_2178If you have any just-past-their-prime blueberries in your fridge- the kind that are too soft to enjoy plain- don’t worry!  Make this cake!  You’ll be glad you did.  It’s not too sweet, but the cake is soft and positively bursting with blueberries.  The topping is crumbly and slightly crispy with a faint whisper of cinnamon.  I love the texture that is contributed by the oat flour. An altogether wonderful combination of flavors and textures, this cake would be just lovely paired with a tall glass of iced coffee :)

Continue reading