chocolate things

chocolate things | the thoughtful platePosting this recipe for Chocolate Things was not part of my plan. I made them on a whim last Friday for my family and myself, because some days I just need something bread-y and I need to make something from the Cheese Board’s book. Thus, that afternoon was spent kneading doughs and shaping said doughs into knots and rolls.

They came out of the oven while there was still just enough light outside to snap a few photos, so I did. Not great photos, and definitely not photos intended for the blog, but photos for documentation nonetheless.

The next day, while at the art museum, my beloved camera lens sustained a small fall and separated into two pieces. It was tragic. I probably shed a tear or two. I don’t know if anyone was watching or not, and I don’t care. The lens that I use almost everyday and can’t blog without died. Continue reading


no-knead bread

IMG_8679If you only knew how much I wanted to simply title this post Bread, well…

But that’s what this is! Just bread. And it has to be some of the easiest I’ve ever made, and the tastiest too. Continue reading

the best ever gluten free pizza crust.

gluten free pizza crust Am I ever excited about this recipe! I’ve made a lot of pizza crusts since going gluten free, and nothing has been quite right. Sure, everything served the purpose of transporting cheese, sauce, and a few toppings into my mouth, but pizza is more than toppings. Continue reading

flaky bread

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 presetI caved last night and ate about 3 square inches of gluten, in the form of this, probably THEE most unbelievably amazing flatbread I’ve ever had in my life. And I really don’t feel like that’s an overstatement at all, though I will confess that at times I do feel like the queen of superlatives. (I like to call it “being enthusiastic”.)

It’s safe to say that good bread is one of my family’s love languages. So when they had to be away for a whole day, leaving the evening meal in my hands, I made bread. It’s just a little extra effort that makes dinner that much more special and enjoyable. Continue reading

pancakes for half a person

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWhen colder weather sets in, my usual smoothie alone has a harder time of satisfying me at breakfast time. I want something bready, something warm. On weekends I’ve been making waffles. They’re easy, but it’s still a bit more effort/cleaning than I’d like on a weekday.

Enter these pancakes. The original recipe is called “Pancakes for One”, but I halved the recipe, so I’m calling them “Pancakes for Half a Person”. The amount was perfect for me when eaten with a slightly smaller smoothie (with the other 1/2 of a banana). I divided the batter into 3 little pancakes. Continue reading

gluten free banana bread

IMG_6514I’ve been snacking on this bread for almost a full week now. The first loaf I made last Saturday was gone like lightning, and we wanted more, so I’ve made two loaves in one week. Maybe that says something about how yummy it is?

With a gluten free loaf this good, you won’t want to make any other kind. Continue reading

gluten free mini maple muffins

IMG_5779Fall is here. It’s time to stash the ice cream maker and bring out the baking pans.

Did you notice the lack of exclamation points in those sentences? That’s because I have mixed feelings about fall. The sun makes fewer appearances. The weather gets chilly. And I kind of have a slight problem with that. I’m most definitely a spring and summer girl.

But if fall means we get to drink salted caramel mochas, wear scarves, and not feel bad about running the oven all day to bake cookies, breads, and muffins such as these, then let’s get into it! Continue reading

gluten-free banana bread

gluten-free baking

I’ve been dabbling ever-so-slightly in gluten-free baking lately, as a result of my recent decision to eliminate as much gluten as possible from my diet. I know there’s really no such thing as an almost gluten-free diet, and I can certainly tolerate gluten, but I simply feel better and more energetic on the days that I don’t consume any. So, as often as possible, I avoid it.

I find the challenge of baking gluten-free exciting, though there’s definitely a lot of trial and error involved. My most recent baking experiment was with banana bread. I even made my own coconut flour for it, which was a rewarding but slightly time consuming process. I enjoyed it though, and the bread turned out very good.

Continue reading

bread with olive oil and chocolate

IMG_2181This is not necessarily a recipe. It’s just a simple afternoon snack idea. You can decide for yourself how many little pieces of bread constitute a proper snack. You can decide how much chocolate you want (or need) too. It’s totally up to you!

The combination of crusty bread and melty chocolate alone is very pleasing. But the addition of olive oil and sea salt pushes this snack over the top!!

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