what i cooked | april

asparagusApril. What a month. Don’t you love months that throw you for a loop in the best way possible? That was April.

On a Monday at the beginning of April I was informed that we would be driving home for a couple of months… the next day. So I packed (I’m becoming quite pro at last-minute packing), we drove, we arrived, and I started doing all the things (except cooking/baking). It’s been wonderful so far, and I can’t even tell you how glad I am to have at least another whole month of this.

Just so you know, I do hope to spend some more time in the kitchen in May. And I do hope to post more here. A stack of cookbooks from the library is sitting on my floor and there are so many recipes that I’m eager to make!!

And now if you will excuse me, I’m just gonna go eat lunch at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants… :)


+ + + + + + + + + +

01 | chocolate almond banana milkshakes from my blog
02 | sambal chicken adapted from shutterbean
03 | spicy coconut noodles from shutterbean
04 | vanilla butterscotch sauce from sweet cream and sugar cones
05 | challah from smitten kitchen
06 | carrot cake (family recipe)
07 | caramelized apples & onions from the yellow table (over grilled pork chops)
08 | 4-hour baguettes from food52
09 | brownies from smitten kitchen (the dark ones :))
10 | mini bread puddings based on a recipe from the joy the baker cookbook
11 | pancakes adapted from the bojon gourmet
12 | single serving pretzels from top with cinnamon
13 | garlic confit toast from bon appetit
14 | no-knead bread from my blog (i made this the day before we left to drive home and we had sandwiches each night in our hotel room. basically one of my best ideas of 2015.)
15 | apricot-mustard baked chicken from dinner: a love story
16 | cream biscuits from the art of simple food
17 | strawberry shortcake from the art of simple food


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