what i cooked | february

what i cooked | februaryFebruary was so cold, guys. I stayed in most days, constantly reminded of one of the main reasons why I dislike these states in the middle of the US (no offense to the residents… I’m [a reluctant] one myself).

If January was all about ice cream, February was all about bread. I made a lot of bread. Cinnamon rolls, scones, waffles, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc.

There was some ice cream too, of course.


+ + + + + + + + + +

01 | no-knead bread from my blog
02 | crêpes with bananas, etc. adapted from the bojon gourmet
03 | lemon thumbprints with strawberry jam adapted from flourishing foodie
04 | crisp yeasted waffles from keys to the kitchen
05 | browned butter ice cream from sweet cream and sugar cones
06 | oat scones from the cheese board: collective works
07 | chicken kiev from food52
08 | chocolate espresso cinnamon rolls from joy the baker
09 | brioche burger buns from my blog
10 | cookie no-dough ice cream from joy the baker
11 | chocolate chip almond butter cookies from the bojon gourmet
12 | banana chocolate almond milkshakes from my blog
13 | fudgy brownie with macadamia nuts almonds from my blog
14 | white sandwich bread from roxana’s home baking
15 | best-ever grilled cheese from bon appetit magazine
16 | sidekick tomato soup from shutterbean
17 | gluten free banana bread from my blog
16 | a lovely cinnamon-sugar challah creation adapted from and inspired by bon appetit and joy the baker
17 | sriracha glazed chicken from shutterbean

+ + + + + + + + + +

So how about you? Any cooking highlights from your month? :)


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