watermelon lemonade

IMG_5103-5Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth like that last week! I didn’t really… I was just traveling halfway across the country all weekend. My computer stayed stowed away in my backpack for three days while my brother and I took turns driving the almost 2000-mile route. When I wasn’t behind the wheel, I was either sleeping or endlessly scanning the radio for decent music (a lesson in futility). Anyways, I’m so glad to be here, and over the next few days I’ll be easing back in to school and blogging with the welcome additions of friends and swimming :) Now onto the reason we are all gathered here: watermelon lemonade!

IMG_5099-4IMG_5072-1Last time we were together (10 days ago) we discussed fruity afternoon drinks, and there’s not much more to say except that this is another favorite that’s sweet and tart, refreshing, and bubbly.

This post made its first appearance here almost 2 years ago, in the early days of this blog. It had one [horrible] accompanying photo and was basically living undisturbed in the archives. I couldn’t just leave it there like that; it’s too good.

IMG_5080-2watermelon lemonade | the thoughtful plateAnd now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go swim at my grandma’s house and mourn the fact that I do not have any watermelons in the house currently. This would be fantastic poolside!

watermelon lemonade | the thoughtful platewatermelon lemonade | print recipe
recipe adapted from smitten kitchen

1 cup fresh lemon juice
2 cups fresh watermelon puree* (strained to remove seeds)
½-¾ cup raw sugar simple syrup
1 cup cold water
2 cups sparkling water

Stir everything together in a pretty pitcher, and enjoy iced!

*Since watermelons tend to run on the huge side, puree more than you need for one recipe and freeze it in zip-top bags (2 cups each). Thaw it in the refrigerator if you have time, or if you’re like me and want your lemonade in a hurry, hold it under warm water just until it starts to thaw.  It only takes a little longer to puree extra watermelon, and you might need it sooner than you think!


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