buckwheat & sea salt cookie sundaes

buckwheat and sea salt cookie sundaeHappy Monday, friends! I wanted to pop in and let you know about the most recent weekend project I undertook (hint: it’s sort of delicious).

I discovered the new app, Steller, two days after its release this week and was instantly in love. Simply, Steller is a beautiful and fresh approach to social media that allows you to effortlessly create multimedia stories and share them with others. You can read briefly about the first two practice stories I created over on my personal blog.

Anyways, on Saturday I was feeling inspired and industrious and decided to create a food story. The recipe? An amazing Buckwheat & Sea Salt Cookie Sundae adapted from Turntable Kitchen. Click here to see the story and view the recipe on Steller!

If you download the app, follow along… I plan on doing more of these in the future!

{ Buckwheat & Sea Salt Cookie Sundaes on Steller }

Also! By request, the printer-friendly recipe.


9 thoughts on “buckwheat & sea salt cookie sundaes

  1. Wow, Maci, this sounds so yummy! Is there a place to print the whole recipe so we don’t have to bring subject our electronic devices to sticky fingerprints? (ask me why I am asking this, haha)

  2. Oh, and one more question… does your GF flour blend already have xanthan gum in it? I didn’t see any in the recipe, and just wondering if I need to add some in since my mix doesn’t contain any. I want to make these RIGHT NOW but hey, no rush. :))

    • No xanthan gum, but none is needed! :) P.S. If you send me an email to thethoughtfulplate (at) gmail (dot) com, I can send you a really fast copy of the recipe, though it won’t look quite as pretty.

  3. Two reasons: one, I want to make these NOW and I have learned the hard way not to bring my MacBook Air into the kitchen. Anything more than that, and I have to plead the Fifth!

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