gift guide | provisions

provisions_giftguideEver since I signed up for early access to Provisions a handful of months ago I’ve been excited about it. There’s such a lovely selection of unique items in the shop! Pretty much anything would make a great gift. I’ve rounded up 12 beautiful items, all under $50. I know I’d be glad to be on the receiving end of any of these…

1 | Bakers Wrapping Set (Under $50)
2 | Colander Tea Towel (Under $25)
3 | Walnut Dough Scraper (Under $20)
4 | Brooklyn Slate Cheeseboard Set (Under $50)
5 | Walnut Sandwich Spreader (Under $20)
6 | Weck Juice Jars (Under $50)
7 | Molded Beeswax Candle Set (Under $50)
8 | World Salt Tower (Under $25)
9 | Holler Mountain Blend Coffee from Stumptown (Under $50)
10 | Bea House Coffee Dripper (Under $25)
11 | Heirloomed Linen Table Runner (Under $50)
12 | Japanese Ceramic Stoneware Mug (Under $50)


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