new york egg creams

IMG_7104My friend, Ruth, and I have a standing date every Tuesday afternoon at Starbucks. A couple of weeks ago we decided to switch it up and do music (guitar/piano/violin) at her house every other week.

We could’ve just brewed coffee (because you have to drink something when you’re with a friend, right?), but yesterday we made New York Egg Creams. Neither of us had never tried one before, and that made it all the more fun. Who knows if we made it the true Brooklyn way (we probably didn’t)… there are so many differing opinions out there, but we thought they were really good!

IMG_7108Without even tasting the drink, my brother described it as “bubbly chocolate milk”, and he got it right! They’re just as easy as making chocolate milk too.

As with chocolate milk the “recipe” is more of a ratio. For the cups shown above, I used about a 1/2-inch of chocolate syrup, 3/4-inch of whole milk, and filled the rest of the cup with seltzer water. All of the ingredients should be very cold. Mix the chocolate syrup and milk together in the bottom of the glass, then pour the seltzer over while stirring until the glass is full. Drink right away.

If you’d like white foam, you can measure the milk into the glass, pour in the seltzer while stirring, and then gently slide the chocolate syrup through the foam on a spoon. You can stir the chocolate in under the foam.

For your reference, here are some other ratios I found:

2 tablespoons chocolate syrup // 1/2 cup whole milk // 1 cup seltzer water
chocolate syrup to taste // 1/2 cup whole milk // 1/2 cup seltzer water
3 tablespoons chocolate syrup // 3 tablespoons whole milk // seltzer to the top

If I list any more, you might get confused and not try this, so… Happy Thanksgiving! I’m off to make a bourbon pecan pie. You should make yourself a New York Egg Cream :)


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