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liebsterYesterday afternoon around 4:30 I was sitting in Starbucks, iced half passion half green tea lemonade in hand. Having just passed the Western Civ II CLEP, I was finally catching my breath (I think I held it for the entire 90 minute test) and checking email.

I was excited to see a “please moderate” email from WordPress, because that means someone commented on this little blog. Diana from Little Bits of Nice had graciously nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award! Diana did a lovely job of explaining this award on her blog, which was good because I had no clue what it was! :)

Liebster translates from German as “dearest/nicest/sweetest/beloved/favorite…” After that description I feel so honored to be nominated! What a sweet award :)

Here are the basics: I answer 10 questions. I nominate my favorite blogs, but they have to be blogs with fewer than 200 followers (this can be flexible). Then I’ll list 10 more questions for the nominees to answer on their blogs. I hope you all accept! :)

Oh, you also have the option to share 10 random facts about yourself, but I’m going to skip that part because I can’t think of anything at the moment. I do better with direct questions :)

10 questions from Diana:

1 |What herb could you not do without? Basil. I especially love it in pesto and on pizza. (I often wonder why I wasn’t born Italian.)

2 | What is your favourite season? Summer!

3 | City or countryside? City.

4 | What is your happiest memory?
 I have too many to list! The Lord has truly been so good to me… the happy memories far outnumber the bad memories. My happiest times usually have a common thread though! They happen when I’m with my family or friends! :)

5 | What is the thing you most love to do?
 There’s WAY more than just one thing. But since I’m limited to one, I’ll say bake. I especially love to bake for other people :)

6 | Are you an early riser or a night owl? Both, especially now that I’m in college. Getting up early is my favorite though. I love how productive the day can be when you get a head start!

7 | What is your favourite item of clothing? I obviously have my go-to favorites that have been in my closet for a while, but a new favorite is this dress. I pair it with mustard yellow tights and these shoes.

8 | Sweet or savoury?

9 | Which countries have you travelled to? I’ve only traveled to one. I spent 2 weeks in Israel in 2010. I should have had a long layover in London (which would have been awesome) but instead of flying British Air we flew El Al, and yippee… they fly from LA to Tel Aviv non-stop! I don’t know if you detected the slight sarcasm in that, so I’ll spell it out. 15 hour flights are lame. Lame lame. I would much rather have stopped off in England.

10 | (re: question 9) Which of them is your favourite and why? Israel! Haha :) That was easy. But seriously, best trip of my life. (I wrote a short post about Israel several months ago, if you’d like to read it!)

10 (I can only think of 5!) blogs I nominate:

Please, Don’t Sit on the Cactus
Great Expectations
Name’s Not Ashley
Amelia Writes
The Daily Doss

10 questions for the nominees:

1 | Do you prefer the city or country?
2 | Which countries have you traveled to?
3 | What is one of your favorite holiday traditions?
4 | Have you ever met a famous person?
5 | What is the first thing you do in the morning?
6 | How do you prefer to spend your free time?
7 | How often do you read the news?
8 | Do you play any instruments?
9 | How do you feel about crowds?
10 | Vanilla or chocolate?


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